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Margaritaville Cruise: Fun & Affordable

Margaritaville cruise

Are you prepared to embark on an unforgettable cruise adventure in 2024? If you’ve been wondering whether the margaritaville cruise at sea has a fun onboard casino, we have some exciting news to share. Fear not, even though the answer may be a regrettable “no” for avid gamblers!


  • Margaritaville at Sea cruise line promises a fun and affordable escape with Jimmy Buffett’s laid-back vibes.
  • The ship features 658 staterooms, 10 decks, and various amenities, including dining options, spa services, and entertainment venues.
  • Departing from the Port of Palm Beach, the cruise takes travelers to Freeport on Grand Bahama Island.
  • Onboard Wi-Fi connectivity issues and disembarkation delays were experienced by some passengers.
  • Other cruise ships with Margaritaville-themed venues or experiences include the Norwegian Escape, Getaway, and Breakaway.

The Margaritaville cruise promises an unforgettable, joy-filled escape and offers a different excitement that embraces Jimmy Buffett laid-back vibes. Let’s explore the fascinating opportunities and delightful treats waiting for you on board the Margaritaville Paradise for a truly enchanted cruise!

Unveiling the Margaritaville Paradise

Setting Sail on Margaritaville at Sea: A Unique Cruise Experience

I was intrigued by the Margaritaville at Sea cruise’s affordability compared to other cruise options when I decided to go. My investigation into the ship’s amenities and feedback from fan communities revealed that it was renowned for its laid-back vibe and good reviews.

The Margaritaville Paradise Makeover

The Margaritaville Paradise, formerly known as Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s flagship vessel, underwent a full makeover to embody the Jimmy Buffett style. With its breezy, beachy theme, the ship featured 658 staterooms, including suites with stunning views. 

Margaritaville cruise

On its 10 decks, guests could enjoy a variety of dining options, spa services, kid’s clubs, and entertainment venues, creating a delightful vacation experience. Departing from the Port of Palm Beach, the cruise took travelers to Freeport on Grand Bahama Island.

An Affordable and Enjoyable Getaway

My Experience Aboard Margaritaville Paradise

As soon as I boarded the Margaritaville Paradise, I fell in love with the laid-back atmosphere and tropical vibes. Some highlights were selling margaritas at the License to Chill pool bar, mingling with fellow cruisers, and dancing the night away at the onboard nightclub. The excursion to swim with pigs on Grand Bahama Island was a memorable adventure, despite the occasional overcrowding.

Dining and Entertainment

While the Margaritaville Paradise offered enjoyable dining options, such as the Port of Indecision Buffet and Fins Dining, the limited availability of these venues led us to explore other dining options on the ship, some of which came with additional charges. As for the entertainment, the nightly musical show “Tales from Margaritaville” had a fun vibe but lacked engagement and creativity.

Wi-Fi Woes and Disembarkation Delay

Onboard Wi-Fi connectivity issues were experienced by some family members in their staterooms, which proved frustrating. Additionally, disembarkation delays caused by overcrowding resulted in an unorganized and time-consuming process.

What’s Included and What’s Not?

Does Margaritaville Cruise have a casino?

No, there isn’t a casino on board the Margaritaville cruise line. The Margaritaville Paradise cruise aims to offer a unique experience, unlike many other cruise lines that provide onboard casinos where passengers can try their luck at slot machines or table games.


You can still have a fun-filled and laid-back vacation with a variety of amenities, entertainment, and excursions that capture the spirit of the Margaritaville lifestyle, even though there may not be a casino to test your luck at gambling.

Does Margaritaville Cruise Include Food?

Cruise Include Food

While the Margaritaville Paradise cruise offers dining options, they are relatively limited compared to other deck lines. The main included options are the Port of Indecision Buffet and the Fins Dining room. Guests can enjoy American cuisine during specific dining hours, but the buffet closes at 5 p.m., leading to additional charges for dining at other venues.

Where Does Margaritaville Cruise Ship Dock?

margaritaville Cruise

Credit: @news-press

The Margaritaville Paradise cruise ship departs and returns to the Port of Palm Beach in Riviera Beach, Florida. This convenient homeport makes it an attractive option for Florida natives and travelers seeking a quick international getaway without needing flights, contributing to the cruise’s affordability.

How Big Is Margaritaville Cruise Ship?

Aa a smaller cruise paradise has 658 staterooms, including suites with balconies or portal views, and 10 passenger decks. Despite its size, the ship offers a unique atmosphere with its Jimmy Buffett-style makeover.

What Does Margaritaville Cruise Include?

This cruise offers various amenities and activities for guests to enjoy. Included dining options are the Port of Indecision Buffet and the Fins Dining room, while other restaurants come with additional charges. Guests can also opt for the License to Chill package for additional benefits. 

The cruise itinerary typically includes a stop at Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, where guests can choose from various excursions. Onboard entertainment consists of the nightly musical production “Tales from Margaritaville,” themed parties, a dance club, and a casino.

Which Cruise Ships Have Margaritaville?

In addition to the Margaritaville cruise line, other ships, such as the Norwegian Escape, the Norwegian Getaway, and the Norwegian Breakaway, feature Margaritaville-themed venues or experiences. Norwegian Cruise Line’s partnership with this wonder brings the laid-back vibe and tropical flavors to these ships, offering cruisegoers a taste of the deck experience at sea.


While the Margaritaville cruise offers an affordable and enjoyable getaway with its fun-filled atmosphere and engaging excursions, some areas of improvement are needed. The limited dining options, small pools, and Wi-Fi connectivity issues were drawbacks that affected the overall experience. However, with ongoing enhancements and upgrades planned, it has the potential to offer a truly exceptional cruise adventure in the future. As for now, considering other cruise lines for a more elaborate sailing experience might be worthwhile.

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