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TATA IPL 2024: Know everything about this Cricket Mahakumbh

ipl 2024

Are you feeling the wave of the IPL festival in India? Cricket is known as a religion in Indian Sports. While IPL 2024 is touted as the apex of T20 cricket, it is all but a captivating tale for cricket lovers all over the world with its prospects of blockbuster matches, awesome rounds, and other nail-biters. As one of The highest regarded ever T20 cricket competitions in the country this IPL competition persistently breaks the barriers of fun and excitement. Come with us while we unveil the 2024 IPL series, with its beginning to the several ways you can relish the action and see it purely with the eyes.

What is TATA IPL 2024?

Right from 2008 when the first IPL started the Indian Premier League (IPL) has incarnated in India as a game of cricket that was not only a passion of the masses but excelled and entertained terrestrially. Established by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), IPL is a professional 20th Cricket League which has drawn the attention of many millions around the globe.

IPL with a franchise of teams belonging to different cities and parts of India and their efforts of bringing in international cricket stalwarts cover the globe, turning it into an all-inclusive sensation. It is not merely a cricket tournament-rather it is a staging of sportsmanship, mastermind, and extraordinary entertaining feast, which is absolutely adored by the men, women, and even children from all backgrounds of the earth. Now, let’s look at the IPL 2024 for today.

Which IPL 2024 Match Today?

First match of the IPL 2024, the torchbearers of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and the stellar Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) meet. The time for a match was set on Friday, 22nd March 2024 at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Thus, this match holds the title of the first match of the Indian Premier League season 2024 and is ready to offer the cricket fans around the world with the batting and the bowling magic in this tournament.

Who Dropped the Most Catches in IPL 2024?

Virat Kohli (King Kohli) has the record of most number of catch drops in the IPL. Apart from his huge runs record this is what makes him a widely popular and most discussed cricketer of IPL. His name paves the path, making the figure of the other relevant players clear. 

However, Kohli’s fielding has also been questioned on account of the errors. Though he is one of most fittest sportsmen in the world, sometimes even the most gifted players still face hurdles in the art of fielding in a whole new level of fast and dynamic environment of IPL 2024.

How Many Trophies RCB Won in IPL?

It is a fact that the Women team of RCB have demonstrated leadership in their IPL 2024 win endeavor, but the Men team has had hard luck. However, RCB, the perennial playoffs and finalists, has never been crowned the champions, leading the supporters, too rightfully unsatisfied. With star players and fans in their supporting ranks, RCB have been at the point of almost success many times and they are also marked with the disappointments in the IPL which best highlight the volatile nature and the toughest competition of the tournament.

Yet, amidst Royal Challengers Bangalore’s (RCB) pursuit of victory in 2024 indian premier league, one young fan, Deepika Ghose, captured the hearts of viewers. According to television reports, known as the “RCB Girl,” annihilated the hearts of viewers and got the RCB “fan of the match” award symbolizing the team’s connection with its fan base off the field.

ipl 2024
TATA IPL 2024 cup in a cricket stadium

Who Owns the RCB IPL Team?

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is owned by United Spirits and is an affiliate of Diageo India. This relationship which brings forth the concurrence of cricket and corporate interests is garnered by the major company which has the league high on priority money wise, to tap its vast popularity and the size of the audiences. 

The partnership between RCB and United Spirits on the other hand not only strengthens the team’s financial viability and marketability but also increases its brand reputation and commercial performance because of the event tagged effect of the IPL.

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How Many IPL Trophies Won by CSK?

CSK has won 5 IPL Titles. It has become now the habit of Chennai Super Kings’ (CSK) fans to witness their favorite team, led by great leadership of MS Dhoni. Their incredible four IPL titles are the best proof of how the team has remained solid for a long time and won against their opponents in the tournament. Here are some key points highlighting CSK’s remarkable achievements:

  • CSK have become victorious after their appearances in 2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021, where they demonstrated their potential to deliver when it matters the most, winning thrilling final matches.
  • This team has demonstrated a formidable fighting mentality and the capacity to turn situations around in situations that on paper has already spelt their demise. CSK is led by the great MS Dhoni who brings both the revelation and the experience.
  • The main reason for the team’s success was an amalgam of thoughtful team selection, tactical skills, and a strong culture of the team manifested due to Dhoni’s prompt command.
  • The Yellow Army, which is CSK’s many devoted fans has, on many occasions, played the role of morale boosters making the pack much stronger at MA Chidambaram Stadium home ground.
  • Encompassing a number of world-class veterans and young players, CSK has consistently been in league with big hitters of the season, in fact, attracting even more fans and rivals to the game.

Who is the Father of IPL?

The visionary initiatives and steps taken by Lalit Modi, who set the complete agenda of IPL in 2008, have made possible that he be titled as ‘Father of IPL‘. The strategic mind and uncompromising determination of him were, no doubt, the key factors which made him achieve so many: both Cricket and its style were left by him as something brand new: short and exciting matches organized via the franchise-based model fans fell in love with. 

Through Modi’s entrepreneurial vision, cricket underwent a transformative journey, evolving into a global brand and providing a platform for emerging talents and established players to showcase their skills on the extravagant stage of  2024 Indian premier league, thus shaping the future of the sport.

How to Calculate Run Rate in Cricket?

Cricketing teams need to be familiar with the run rate calculation during the match for the performance to remain in sync with expected targets. Here’s how you can do it:

Definition: Run rate is the rate at which runs kept being scored by the team averagely per over.

Formula: To obtain the run rate divide the total runs scored by the overs faced(r = P/overs).

Example: In order to transit into the rate per over way of thinking, it is crucial to accept that the example score of 120 runs scored after 20 overs is equivalent to 6 runs per over (120 runs / 20 = 6 runs per over).

Importance: Bowling rate matters because teams can analyze the hitting success and set the aims for the opposition team.

Real-time Calculation: In the course of a game, run rate can be figured out regularly to control a team’s advancement in the game and to suit strategies in case it’s necessary.

Comparison: The correlation between run rates of teams creates a basis for the comparison of their batting efficiency level.

Scenarios: Run rate generally becomes critical in games of a specific format like One Day international (ODIs) or T20’s. For instance, in matches that get interrupted by rain or in tournaments with tie-breakers, run rate is the most vital factor in determining the winner of the game.

How to Calculate Strike Rate in Cricket?

Strike rate is one of the most essential statistics in cricket, that needs to be calculated in order for a player to be evaluated in terms of his run scoring efficiency. Here’s a breakdown of how to calculate it:

Formula: RSR: (RB/BF)*100

Steps to Calculate:

  1. Count Runs Scored: Add up straight the runs that the batsman has scored during their innings.
  2. Count Balls Faced: Establish the number of balls faced by the batter during the entire wicket.
  3. Apply Formula: Substitute the values in the inequity ratio model given here.
  4. Multiply and Convert: Strike Rate percentage equals the multiplication of the product by 100.

Example: If a batsman scores 40 runs from 30 balls faced, the calculation would be: 10/30 X 100 = 134.33 gives us a rounded figure of 2 decimal places.

Interpretation: The strike rate as a measure equals 133.33 which is the amount of runs scored on 100 faced balls and its worth is a fast or dynamic playing rate.


IPL is one of the most popular sports event of India. Crickets fans across Indian subcontinent are very enthusiastic for this event. Many teams will go through cut throat compition for the TATA IPL 2024. Many fans are wishing for MSD, may be his last IPL event. Many other expecting for RCB first title in this event of 2024. So if you looking for more update sports event like Cricket, Football, tenis etc, just stay update with Global Newswala.


Q. How to Watch IPL in the UK?

The UK fans, on the other hand, have a chance to witness live IPL action from different TV broadcasters and online streams offering coverage of the tournament.

Q. How to Knock in a Cricket Bat?

In an attempt to knock in a cricket bat, one would need to employ either a cricket mallet or an old cricket ball in a light striking motion across the outer surface of the bat to provide the proper compression of the willow fibers during production, ensuring long-term durability and excellent playing performance.

Q. How to Bowl in Cricket?

In cricket, the bowlers are judged by how they deliver the ball towards the batsman, aiming for the stumps, and getting the batsman caught or leg before wicket (LBW).

Q. How to Hit Six in Cricket?

To score a six in cricket, which is the ultimate goal for a batsman, especially in match defining situations of the game, one would need to be technically sound and deliver an immensely powerful shot usually executed with a trajectory that clears the boundary markers, scoring six runs in the course of a single delivery.

When IPL 2024 gets underway, cricket fans around the globe will be treated to nothing rather than top-notch matches, incredible feats, and thrilling events that perfectly reflect the very essence of this remarkably entertaining cricket tournament. Ready your cricket gear, as we await the grand spectacle of the world’s largest cricketing extravaganza!


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