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How to Cancel a Lyft Ride and Avoid Cancellation Fees

how to cancel a lyft ride

Are you to know that how to cancel a lyft ride ? Just keep reading this guide! Lyft is a famous ride-hailing company serving millions of people globally. Users prefer their customized rides due to convenience and reliability. They work on multimodal transportation networks in the US. 

how to cancel a lyft ride
Lyft Ride

Lyft provides motorized scooters, bicycle-sharing, rental cars, and food delivery. Since 2012, Lyft has become a household name in different countries. Users can book a ride quickly through the Lyft app. There are also situations where they have to cancel their ride. The main reasons behind ride cancelation are a change in plan, a better ride option, or feeling uncomfortable. In this article, we will talk about how to cancel a lyft ride.

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Understanding how to cancel a lyft ride Types

Users must know the two types of rides they can book from Lyft. There are two primary types of how to cancel a lyft ride: regular and scheduled rides. The cancellation policies and associated fees differ based on these ride categories. Also, the timing of your ride cancellation matters.

How to cancel a lyft ride which is regular?

If you want to that how to cancel a lyft ride which regular, just go through this section. As we know regular rides are on-demand rides, perfect for short trips. You can also cancel this ride if you have a valid reason. 

A passenger should cancel a regular ride within the first two minutes of booking. It will save you from paying cancellation fees:

  • Open the Lyft app on your phone. Now, sign in to your account.
  • It’s time to access your ride details. You need to open your upcoming trip information. Click on the Edit Ride menu located in the bottom left corner.
  • Now, tap on the Cancel Ride option.
  • Once confirmed, your ride will be canceled.

You have to incur cancelation fees if you cancel your regular ride after the initial two minutes. Also, do not cancel your ride if your driver arrives within five minutes of the estimated arrival time. Regular ride cancelation fees also depend on your location. You can expect a $10 fee in primary areas. It’s better to cancel your ride at the right time to avoid a cancellation fee on regular rides.

How to cancel a lyft ride which is Scheduled?

A scheduled ride is a ride that users book in advance. Do you want to know that how to cancel a lyft ride which are scheduled? They are perfect for those people who want to book a ride for a specific date and time. You should cancel a scheduled ride before you are matched with a driver. 

Otherwise, you have to incur a cancellation fee. Below, you can check the steps to cancel a scheduled Lyft ride in less time:

  • Open the Lyft app on your phone. Now, click on the calendar icon.
  • You have to find your scheduled ride within the scheduling menu.
  • Now, tap on your ride and cancel it by clicking on the Cancel Ride option. 

A cancelation fee applies if you cancel your scheduled ride after matching with a driver. Also, you have to incur a cancelation fee if your driver is already en route to pick you up.

Disputing a Cancellation Fee

Sometimes, users are unjustly charged a cancellation fee. In this case, you can dispute the charge directly through the Lyft app. Follow these steps to dispute a cancellation fee:

  1. First, access your ride history. Open the Lyft app and choose Ride History.
  2. Now, select the ride with the fee you wish to dispute.
  3. Tap Get help to initiate the dispute process.
  4. Select review my cancellation fee within the help menu.
  5. Provide a detailed explanation of disputing cancellation fees. Now, submit your request.

Lyft’s support team will review your dispute. They respond within 24 hours. They will refund the fee to your original payment method if your reason is genuine.

Tips for a Smooth Lyft Ride Experience

A passenger can follow some tips for a smooth ride experience through Lyft:

  • It is best to plan your rides in advance. It will save you from incurring cancellation fees on canceling rides. 
  • Planning also allows riders to get a ride at their preferred time.
  • Reach your pickup location on time after scheduling a ride on Lyft. It prevents unnecessary delays. Also, you will get a seamless experience.
  • It is best to educate yourself about the latest features of the Lyft app. 

These technological features help riders to manage their trips properly. Make sure to learn about how to share your trip details with your loved ones. 

Other options for communicating with your driver for how to cancel a lyft ride. 

  • Ensure to inform your order if you want to cancel your ride for a reason. Clear communication can help prevent misunderstandings.
  • Always prioritize your safety when using ride-hailing services. Verify the driver’s identity by checking their details. Share your trip details with a trusted contact using the app’s safety features. It is essential to keep yourself safe from any harm from a driver. 
  • You can give your feedback after every Lyft ride. Positive feedback is best to thank your driver who finishes your ride at the right time. You can give negative feedback if you face any issues throughout your trip. 
  • Keep your Lyft app updated to access the latest features. Frequent updates ensure a smoother ride experience.

Periodically review Lyft’s terms of service. It includes cancellation and fee policies. You should stay informed about any updates. Don’t hesitate to contact Lyft’s customer support if you have any problems or questions about your rides. They are there to assist you and resolve any issues related to how to cancel a lyft ride.

Contact your driver if you left your stuff in the vehicle as soon as possible. Passengers often forget their phone or their bags after a ride. 


Canceling a Lyft ride is a straightforward process. It is best to know about its process of how to cancel a lyft ride. Also, you should only cancel a ride for a genuine reason. You can check all the essential details above to avoid paying cancellation fees on regular and scheduled rides. You can also contact the customer support team of Lyft if you have any other issues with your ride. There are best technology available on their app and website for assistance.


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