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Top 10 tips for how to stay cool in hot weather

how to stay cool in hot weather

Are you looking for tips on how to stay cool in hot weather? Climate change has become one of the most concerning debates among people around the world. Global temperatures have risen by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1800s, with the last decade being the hottest. This rise is primarily caused by human activities that release greenhouse gasses, trapping heat in the atmosphere. 

The United States is experiencing a significant increase in heat waves, with their frequency nearly tripling since the 1960s. Major cities now swelter through an average of six heat waves a year, with these scorching periods lasting longer and reaching more intense temperatures than ever before. But fear not, here are 10 easy tips to keep you cool and comfortable all summer.

How to stay cool in hot weather? Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Looking for how to stay cool in hot weather? Worry not! Initially, comes to mind quite literally, but it cannot be overlooked. If you are dehydrated, you may suffer from headaches, dizziness, weakness, and even suffer from heat stroke. When it comes to the daily water intake, make it a goal to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and adjust with your level of physical activity and heat.

Cooling Your Home

Maintain an open window, use fans, and limit the use of electricity and lights to maintain a cool environment in your home. Here are some strategies:

Block the Sun

Some of these features include; pulling shutters or curtains on the windows with direct sunlight at certain times of the day. In case you need the highest heat blockage consider getting a blackout curtain.

Embrace the Breeze

Darkening the windows and doors at night allows colder air to come inside the house. If you have ceiling fans, turn them around counterclockwise, as they will push the air downwards, creating an air-con-like effect.

Cool Down with Appliances

Heaters are a god-send in cold weather seasons. Heat is also a great enemy to humans especially those with elevated heart rates. In case you have one, use it wisely. A comfortable thermostat range is normally 24-27°C or 75-80°F should be put and avoid freezing temperature because it costs more energy and is unhealthy.

Dress Preventing Heat

Cotton is your friend! Trade in black polyester for light clothes that do not constrict the body, such as casual wear made from natural STP fibers such as cotton and linen. Such fabrics provide the environment that enables air to flow and cause sweat to evaporate thus making an individual feel less sunny.

Make Use of the Cooling Effect of Water

Remarkably, water is very good at transferring heat. Here’s the way you can make use of it:

Cool Showers or Baths

Take a cool shower or shower your body with cool water in case you have a tub so that you can bring down your body temperature.

Dampen Your Clothes

You can use a water spritzer and splash your face and neck, or moisten a towel with cool water and try putting it on your neck or forehead. The use of warm water will make it evaporate, and by the time it has evaporated, it will make the surroundings cooler.

Limit Strenuous Activity During Peak Heat

If for some reason you have to take your workout outside during the summer, limit yourself to the hours before the sun rises and after the sun sets, (thus restricting your exercise to early morning and evening hours). Use proper signals to reduce the intensity of exercises if sweating is too much.

Be Creative with Some Cooling Hacks

Here are some unique methods for how to stay cool in hot weather:

  • Freeze a Water Bottle: Take an empty water bottle or a flask and pour water into it halfway and then leave it in the freezer usually overnight. Clip it onto your garment in the morning then use it as a cold pack during the day.
  • DIY Air Conditioner: If you are looking for an affordable option to cool down, then the simple combination of ice cubes in a bowl and a box is perfect for you. This will blow with wind on the ice, and this will cause cool air to be produced.
  • Cooling Sheets and Towels: some get specially designed nightwear or cooling sheets and towels that can properly absorb sweat and give a cooling effect on the skin.

Seek Shade and Shelter

Also, the sun is the main source of heat, and thus should preferably not be approached during the hottest times of the day, which are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Take a change to lifestyle as many activities outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon instead of the hot middle of the day.

Be Sun Safe

Not only is sunburn painful, but it also tends to cause an increase in the temperature of your body. Here are some essential sun safety tips:

  • Sunscreen is Your BFF: Reapply broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 at least 15 minutes before going outdoors. For best results, reapply the cream every 2 hours, or more frequently if you exercise or swim.
  • Seek Shade: As mentioned earlier, try not to expose the drying area to sources of direct sunlight, during the sunny period of the day.
  • Sun-protective Clothing: Always wear long arms, legs, and loose and broad hats for it means one could spend long hours outside.

Make Smart Food Choices

Hard as it may sound, the Indian proverb ‘One’s tongue affects their mouth’ equally holds for the effects of foods on feelings during summer. As the weather gets warmer, it is ideal to take smaller portions of food that tend to make you sweat less compared to foods that are heavy in protein and fat.

Check on Helpless Individuals

Extreme heat can be dangerous for young children, older adults, and those with chronic health conditions. Here’s how to stay cool in hot weather can help you:

  • Stay Connected: Check in on elderly neighbors or relatives who may live alone. Make sure they have air conditioning or access to cool spaces.
  • Hydration Help: Encourage children and older adults to drink plenty of fluids even if they don’t feel thirsty. 
  • Plan Activities: Schedule cool outings like visiting a library or museum to provide relief from the heat, especially for children who might be stuck indoors.


By following these simple tips on how to stay cool in hot weather, you can be comfortable, and healthy all summer long. Remember, staying hydrated, seeking shade, and making smart choices about clothing and activities are key. With a little planning and some creativity, you can beat the heat and enjoy all the fun that summer has to offer!

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