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‪‪Republican Primary 2024‬‬: Trump Victory in New Hampshire

‪‪Republican Primary 2024‬‬

Do you know the results of the 2024 New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary? The New Hampshire Presidential Republican Primary 2024 is a paramount event in the United States. New Hampshire voters select the preferred presidential candidates in this event. The presidential primary process in the United States varies by state and political party. 

Traditionally, New Hampshire holds the first primary in the nation. It is the essential state for the candidates to gain support and momentum. The 2024 New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary was held on 23 January 2024. On 23 January 2024, New Hampshire voters went to the polls to cast votes. Its result helped to shape the presidential race trajectory. According to the US News report, more people have voted in the race between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley than in any other presidential election in New Hampshire’s history.

Donald Trump and Nikky Halley were the candidates opposing each other in the New Hampshire Republican Primary 2024. And Trump registered an astonishing win in this election. Left Halley and her supporters shocked. So, if you are also interested in United States political updates, keep reading.

What leads Trump to win in New Hampshire ‪‪Republican Primary 2024‬‬? 

Former US President Donald Trump has strengthened his roots in the 2024 US election. The result of the 2024 New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary has worked as a perfect showcase of his capabilities. 

His win in the New Hampshire primary awarded him momentum and attention as the US primary season progressed. Trump’s manifesto played a crucial role in attracting the voters. In his manifesto, he pledged multiple plans aimed at the country’s welfare. Such as dismantling the deep state, Ending illegal immigration, Trade, Foreign Policy, Transgender rights, etc.

People in small towns and rural areas like Donald Trump, which is the reason why he did well in the New Hampshire primary polls. The majority of the Republican voters of New Hampshire don’t go to colleges, and two-thirds of them voted for Trump. Also, in New Hampshire, seven out of ten Republicans who denote themselves as conservatives have voted for Trump.

Many Republicans in New Hampshire who prioritize immigration and the economy have supported Trump. Thus, it concluded the primary results in his favor. These were the top two issues among the GOP voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. The voters also like Trump’s idea of limiting immigration and constructing a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. 

About three-quarters of those who cared most about immigration have supported Trump. Additionally, about half of those who think the economy is the most crucial issue supported Trump.

How Haley’s strengths did not fully meet expectations?

Nikki Haley, the Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, stood as an excellent competitor in front of Trump in the New Hampshire presidential republican primary 2024.

Haley got votes from the crucial groups for the upcoming elections. But these groups fall under the minority in the GOP ( Republican) electorate. 

She defeated Trump among the primary participants. These were not officially part of any party. Half of the Haley supporters went to colleges and denoted themselves as the moderates. 

Many of the Haley supporters basically did not like Trump. She did well among the voters who say Trump must have done something illegal. Illegal in at least one of the filed criminal cases against him. And the fact is half of the Haley supporters had voted for Biden, a Democrat, in the presidential election of 2020.

The Iowa result assured Trump is going to struggle with suburban voters. On the other hand, Haley performed her best in New Hampshire’s suburban areas. 

Republican Voters Anticipate that Trump will be the GOP Nominee.

The majority of the Republican voters, around 80 per cent, believe that Donald Trump will secure the party’s nomination. This anticipation got more concrete after Trump’s astonishing performance in the Iowa presidential primary. Also, the New Hampshire primary polls support the anticipation.

Out of 100, only 20 percent of the Republican voters have confidence in Niki Haley to become a nominee. In fact, Half of Haley’s supporters also anticipate Trump will be the party’s candidate in the upcoming November election. 

Around 80 out of 100 percent of voters say they had decided whom they want to vote for, even before the Iowa primary. After the New Hampshire primary results, three Republican candidates, biotech investor Vivek Ramaswamy, former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have stopped their campaigns.

Sixty per cent of the GPO voters quote that they had decided a month ago whom they wanted to vote for, including those forty per cent of voters who say they know from the beginning of the campaigns. 

Trump Denied Making Haley A Running Mate 

The 2024 New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary results are bad news for Nikki Haley because Trump has denied making Haley a running mate. In American elections, a running mate refers to the candidate for the Vice President’s post.

Donald Trump
Trump has made victory against Haley in ‪‪Republican Primary 2024

Donald Trump has completely denied the possibility of making Haley, who has represented America at a top forum like the United Nations, as his running mate. Trump added Haley is perfect for the post of a senator, but she cannot be a possible candidate for the Vice President post or his running mate.

Probability of Biden Becoming a Democratic Nominee

The 2024 New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary was on 23 January 2024. It was a part of the Democratic party primaries organized for the presidential elections in November 2024. 

President Joe Biden performed well and won the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary. It is an outcome of his supporters organizing a successful write-in vote campaign. The win of New Hampshires has marked Biden’s first primary victory in the state. Despite having participated in the Democratic primary there three times before.


In conclusion, Trump has registered a surprising victory in the 2024 New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary. He got 1,76,004 votes, i.e.54.3 percent of the total votes. On the other hand, Nikki Haley, his biggest competitor, got 1,40,096 votes, i.e.43.2 percent of total votes. Trump got most of his votes from the small towns and rural areas. And the majority of the Republican voters are anticipating Trump will be a GPO nominee. Stay tuned with us on our World Affairs page, you get more update on US election 2024. Thanks for reading!

‪‪Republican Primary 2024‬‬: Trump Victory in New Hampshire

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