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Death Toll Rises: Taiwan got hit by the strongest earthquake in last 25 years

Taiwan Earthquake

Are you prepared to witness the devastating power of nature? On April 3rd, 2024, Taiwan faced one of its toughest challenges as a 7.4 magnitude taiwan earthquake, the strongest in 25 years, violently shook the island’s eastern coast. The catastrophic event left a trail of destruction, claiming lives, injuring hundreds, and causing widespread structural damage. As rescue efforts continue amidst the rubble, the resilience of the Taiwanese people will be put to the ultimate test.

Key Takeaways on the Taiwan Earthquake Now

Here are some key takeaways to consider about taiwan earthquake today:

  • A 7.4 magnitude taiwan earthquake now on April 3, 2024 – the strongest in 25 years
  • At least 9 dead, over 930 injured 
  • 137 people still trapped, including 50 hotel employees
  • Over 100 buildings were damaged, and many collapsed or tilted
  • Hualien County near the epicentre, was heavily impacted
  • Tsunami warnings issued across Taiwan, Japan, Philippines (now lifted)
  • Suhua Highway closed due to landslides and damage

What Exactly Happened in Taiwan

The island named Taiwan had its strongest, 7.4 magnitude earthquake shake it after twenty-five of its past on Wednesday morning, April 3rd, 2024. The epicentre of that earthquake taiwan has been identified as 18 kilometres or 11 miles south of the city of Hualien, at a depth of 34.8 kilometres or 21.6 miles, according to the data published by the United States Geological Survey.

How Many Casualty on Taiwan Earthquakes?

The taiwan earthquake with its shaking force has counted at least 9 victims already, the number is 930 which is reported by the Fire Agency of Taiwan (NFA). The predicted death total might even go higher as the rescue tasks in the most devastated spots go on.

The fatalities were three, among them – the hikers who tragically were killed by falling rocks while going through the scenic Taroko Gorge, a famous place among tourists who like going there due to its dramatic marble-walled canyons. One more victim was a devasta truck transport who was severely wounded by a dangerous falling part of the Suhua Highway.

Rescue teams have been going to great lengths already to save those who are trapped inside the collapsed buildings. There are at least 137 people who are stuck with the most affected people being 50 hotel employees travelling by minibus when the taiwan earthquakes hit.

How Deep Does the Damage Go?

Extreme taiwan earthquake have inflicted general damage across the entire island, with over 100 buildings reported as affected, most of which are either half demolished or stand precariously. The observable area of Hualian is located in the eastern region of Taiwan. It was near the epicentre of the earthquake and lots of buildings within the vicinity sustained severe structural damage.

It also brought down roofs that gave way to tiles falling, partial collapses of ceilings, cracks in the walls, and power outages in hospitals in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Nevertheless, most of the hospitals showed a working attitude, despite the stress-inducing forces that visited it. They all continue with their treatment of all related injuries of earthquake taiwan. One of the citizen posted a video on social media “X” from a Highway, showing how scary was that earthquake.

Was There a Warning of a Tsunami?

Thanks to the immediate aftermath of the taiwan earthquake now, a tsunami warning was issued crosswise in Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines, thereby, making most of the flights terminate briefly at the airports. The rest of the advice has been cancelled since, and airline traffic has normalised.

The Suhua Highway, a route passing a cluster of natural attractions along the coast, has been broken by severe landslides and fallings of stones. The integral artery. It provides the connections of Hualien to northern parts of Taiwan. That is expected to be cut off for a long time while fixes are being done.

What’s Being Done to Recovery Taiwan Earthquake Today?

With the island nation driven to shambles by the disastrous taiwan earthquake today, emergency efforts and recovery are to resume. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visited the Taipei Tianchang Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Command Center for the on-site supervision and coordination of the cross-governmental emergency response.

The monotony of up to seven aftershocks in the next few forthcoming days has left the strong people of Taiwan. No road other than the lengthy one of recovery. While they still fight for their own lives, they are together for each other and the community. In that way, they are not only survivors of hurricanes but also builders of community victory over natural adversity.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi also paid heartfelt condolcences to the people of Taiwan who lost their lives and also wished for fast recovery from this scary situation. He also extended relief support for the people from his social media “X”.

Wrap Up

With an astounding 7.4 magnitude taiwan earthquake which happened in Taiwan, the tone is even slightly more dramatic than that. Though it can be bleak indeed, a little ray of hope radiates as the unsurpassable spirit of the Taiwanese people shines through. As rescue workers tirelessly search for survivors, communities are united in delivering assistance to the victims. The islanders’ faith in battling all challenges remains strong. If you are looking for more updates on any news globally, just stay tune with our World affairs blog page. Global Newswala brings latest news at your finger tips. Thanks for reading. 

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