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Virat Kohli: Made Historic 50th ODI ton in Cricket World Cup Semifinal

Virat Kohli

Have you ever seen a Cricket World Cup match that was so amazing that it went beyond the confines of the game? By hitting his 50th ODI century against New Zealand in the 2023 World Cup semifinal, Virat Kohli centuries has accomplished a significant milestone in the history of cricket. In addition to being a personal victory for Kohli, this amazing achievement elevated him above Sachin Tendulkar in the eyes of cricket fans. We’ll talk about Kohli’s outstanding achievement and how it affected today’s cricket community.

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The Historic Moment

When Virat Kohli faced Kiwi leader Lockie Ferguson, his hunt for his 50th ODI century reached its meridian. Kohli produced a delivery to square leg in an amazing demonstration of fashion and resoluteness, securing a double that took him from 98 to 100.

This one-of-a-kind gesture completed his half-century and solidified his heritage in justice history. This shot is a moment worth saluting because of its delicacy and timing, which demonstrate King Kohli‘s skill and adaptability under constraint.

Setting the Stage at Wankhede Stadium

Virat Kohli wrote the script for a career-defining event at the storied Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. Kohli demonstrated his batting brilliance during the knockout match in ind vsnz, hitting his third century of the competition and a record-breaking Virat Kohli 50th century in One-Day Internationals. The emotional component of Kohli’s achievement is enhanced by the significance of accomplishing this record on Tendulkar’s home field.

How did Virat Kohli reach the milestone?

King Kohli achieved the major corner in the ind vsnz Cricket World Cup match 42nd over with an innings that included 106 balls, eight fours, and a six. In addition to putting India on course for a commanding aggregate, Kohli centuries shattered Tendulkar’s record of the most runs in world cup in a single edition, which stood at 673.

Breaking Tendulkar’s Records

Tendulkar’s record for most runs in world cup edition was surpassed by Kohli, who also passed Australian great Ricky Ponting to rank third in ODI history behind only Sachin Tendulkar and Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara. It emphasizes how reliable and effective Kohli is in the limited-overs format.

Virat Kohli’s Tribute to Tendulkar

Not only did Virat Kohli celebrate breaking Sachin’s record, but he also gave a moving homage to the justice star. With a deep admiration for his idol, Kohli bowed down to Sachin Tendulkar in the daises.

Cricket World Cup
King Kohli tributig his 50th ton to Sachin tendulkar at Cricket World Cup

The fact that Tendulkar was present at Wankhede Stadium to witness this moment gave the event a fresh, emotional dimension. In addition to demonstrating his skill as a justice player, Kohli’s gratitude to those who helped him along the way demonstrates his modesty in the face of enormous success.

A Special Knock in a Special Tournament

Kohli made his fourth appearance on cricket’s biggest platform at this World Cup. The fact that Kohli centuries came in his first-ever Cricket World Cup quarterfinal game—a setting where legends are created—makes it even more amazing. 

With nearly 700 runs at an average of more than 105, Kohli has been the tournament’s leading today cricket match score for India thanks to his crucial role in the team’s success.

Any other significant innings in the tournament?

Kohli made history before he broke the record with two undefeated innings of 101 against South Africa and 103 not out against Bangladesh. These performances demonstrated his capability to lead India to dominant situations and stabilize the innings.

Virat Kohli’s Reflections: A Dream Come True

During the mid-innings intermission, Kohli talked about his emotions after reaching this momentous milestone in an interview. The encounter was so strange that he was in amazement, calling it “too good to be true.” The cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar and his lifelong partner Anushka Sharma were in the stands, and Kohli acknowledged their presence, adding to the moment’s specialness.

How did Kohli pay tribute to Tendulkar?

As a sign of respect, Kohli bowed down to Justice Great Sachin Tendulkar centuries after breaking his record. He called Tendulkar and his life mate’s presence in the daises the “stuff of dreams.” The real substance of the game is shown in Kohli’s modesty and his acknowledgment of those who told him.

Kohli’s Focus on Team Victory

Though Kohli achieved an unprecedented personal milestone, he emphasized that his main goal was to help the team win. He underlined the value of playing for the team and the circumstances, demonstrating a dedication to the overarching objective of winning games.

Impact on the World Cup 2023

In addition to shattering former records, Kohli’s inconceivable accomplishment has had a big influence on the current Cricket World Cup. Kohli’s performance was pivotal to India’s palm as the team amassed 397 runs over New Zealand in the semifinal.


Virat kohli 50th century ODI century is a record of skill, commitment, and trustability in the annals of justice history. Prostrating the records set by his hero, Sachin Tendulkar gives this accomplishment a novelettish twist. Kohli’s achievements will continue to impact the story as the 2023 Cricket World Cup plays out, leaving a lasting print on the sport he has perfected.

Virat Kohli: Made Historic 50th ODI ton in Cricket World Cup Semifinal

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Virat Kohli: Made Historic 50th ODI ton in Cricket World Cup Semifinal

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