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9 Best Generative AI Startups In India

AI Startups

Are we on the threshold of a tech revolution that is going to fundamentally change the way we live, work, and create? As we are entering the new world of generative AI Startups, India’s startups are also on the right track on promising artificial intelligence.

According to a report by Nasscom, the Indian generative AI ecosystem will grow dramatically by 2024, with 60 businesses from multiple industries. What distinguishes these companies, and the way are they using AI to change our future?

As per Inc 42 latest Report – India’s Generative AI Startup Landscape, 2023:

  • India is home to 70+ native Generative AI startups
  • A whopping $440Mn+ raised since 2019
  • Bengaluru leading the pack in Generative AI innovation
  • A surge with 58% startups founded in or after 2021

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AI Startups for Chatbots


Contlo is an artificial intelligence-powered marketing platform that enables associations to conduct acclimatized juggernauts. It automate customer relations across different communication channels similar as dispatch, SMS, WhatsApp, Webpush, and social media. As India’s best AI Startups, Contlo improves brand fidelity, followership operation, data collection, and performance perceptivity by using artificial intelligence.

Contlo is one of the top ai startups in India with whatsapp integration


Alltius is one of the top AI Startups in India that provides conversational assistance within software applications. It creates GenAI assistants to help customers, support teams, and sales professionals, with a major focus on improving user experiences.

Alltius ai
Alltius ai provides conversational assistance within software applications

The platform provides coaching on user data in a variety of ways, going beyond simple question-and-answer functionality. Through the power of AI-driven communication, Alltius is positioned to redefine how businesses communicate with their customers.

Coding AI Startups


A coder’s stylish friend is CodeMate. This artificial intelligence-powered programming coadjutor claims to increase inventor productivity by a factor of ten. CodeMate works fluently with Visual Studio Code and can automate debugging, estimate law for faults, and suggest advancements.

CodeMate ai provides the fastest way to write error-free code.

CodeMate can help you with everything from syntax issues to runtime crimes. It not only resolves difficulties but also assists inventors in clinging to stylish practices and assiduity law norms, making it a useful tool for software development.


DhiWise is redefining the software development process by enabling designers to export their work as code for web and mobile apps. This platform generates clean, modular, and reusable code automatically, speeding the software development process.

DhiWise is a programming platform where developers can convert their designs into developer-friendly code for mobile and web apps

DhiWise is one the best AI Startups in India that enables businesses to create internet and mobile apps quickly, efficiently, and affordably by merging human creativity and digital automation. This startup is the solution to the ever-changing tech landscape’s resource constraints.

Audio and Video AI Startups

Listnr ai

Listnr is at the van of using AI Voice creators to induce naturalistic Text-to-Speech (TTS) audio. It is a protean tool with over 900 voices in 142 languages that may be used in podcasts, audiobooks, eLearning, and other multimedia content.

listnr ai
listnr ai create realistic Text to Voice and Video content is seconds

This establishment is redefining information delivery, making it more accessible and amusing for a wide range of cult. Listnr’s technology provides happy generators with a different choice of voices from which to choose, icing that their communication is successfully communicated.

Dubdub ai

With its AI-powered platform, Dubdub ai is changing the world of video dubbing. This unique establishment generates video material in multitudinous languages using artificial intelligence and machine knowledge. It not only speeds up the dubbing process, but it also improves responsibility and scalability.

Dubdub ai
At dubdub ai, you can get human-like dubbing with AI
Faster and smother rate.

The AI with mortal-in-the-Loop video styling result from Dubdub.ai allows stoners to translate video content into multiple languages with high quality assurance. This technology is extremely salutary to content creators that want to reach a worldwide cult.

Beatoven ai

Beatoven ai is an innovative platform that allows druggies to produce music in a variety of stripes, including classical, electronic, and hipsterism-hop. It is distinguished by its stoner-friendly interface, which allows musicians to fine-tune aspects similar as meter and key, giving them unequaled control over their musical compositions.

Beatoven ai
With the help of Beatoven.ai, it is easy for content creators to generate background music.

Image Generation and 3D Modeling

Blend ai

Blend ai is an automated ad platform that uses artificial intelligence to create and improve advertising campaigns for e-commerce businesses. This AI improves customer interaction and streamlines ad distribution across many platforms by simplifying internet advertising for online shops.

Blend ai
Blend is the Ad Management Platform that uses AI to automatically launch and optimize your ad campaigns.

This AI Startups is a game changer for e-commerce enterprises wishing to interact with their target audience in significant ways with only a few clicks.

Neuropixel AI

NeuroPixel AI Labs uses advanced AI/ML and statistical learning theory in computer vision and image processing to be at the forefront of online retail storefront applications.

Neuropixel AI
Neuropixel AI helps to make fashion catalogue shoots easy and fast

Deep neural network methods are used by the startup to build lifelike synthetic models, automating the time-consuming operation of garment classification. NeuroPixel AI provides a breakthrough solution in the competitive online fashion business. Here, the catalog photos are critical to consumer purchasing decisions.

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Final Thoughts

The burgeoning generative AI startups ecosystem in India is poised to usher in a transformative wave of innovation across diverse industries. With over 70 native startups raising substantial funding, particularly in Bengaluru, these companies are pioneering cutting-edge applications of AI. Whether it’s enhancing customer relations, streamlining software development, etc, these startups are driving India’s tech evolution. As they continue to evolve, they hold the promise of reshaping the way we live and work in the near future.


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