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Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Students

Best Productivity Apps for Students

Are you searching for the best productivity apps for students? Have you been lagging in your study schedules? Or having trouble focusing? Maybe the lessons are complicated?  In this digital, we are witnessing a shift from traditional learning to e-learning. As we know, when we grow up in our classes, there are lot of stuff to manage. Push aside your Worries. 

Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Students
Learn about Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Students

In this digital age, there are a lot of best productivity apps for students. Fortunately, technology provides many tools that help students make their learning processes easier. 

Here are the best productivity apps for students that can help students manage their time more effectively, be more productive, and ultimately succeed academically.

1. Google Workspace

Google Workspace is one of the best productivity apps for students.  You will get a versatile suite of tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Calendar. It streamlines organization, collaboration, and document management.

Google workspace
Google Workspace is very useful apps for students

With seamless cloud storage and accessibility across devices, you can work on your college or school assignments and projects from anywhere. Google Workspace enhances productivity, promotes collaboration, and simplifies academic tasks, making it an invaluable asset for students.


  • A comprehensive suite of productivity tools.
  • Cloud storage for easy access from multiple devices.
  • Collaboration features for group work.


  • Requires an internet connection for full functionality.
  • Limited offline access without a paid subscription.

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2. Forest: Stay Focused

Plants are cute, right? So thought about growing them virtually? For that you just need to concentrate, that’s it. Set the timer and wait for your plant to grow while you study. Slowly you might have a virtual forest.

Forest app will help students in build focus on task gardening

But like every fairytale curse it has a loophole. No-no don’t worry it doesn’t stop working at midnight but if you close the Forest app while the timer is running there won’t be any forest for you to enjoy. Use it wisely, improve your focus, and be productive.

Forest is an interactive platform that helps you keep focus and keep track of it. You can even do it with a friend. If you ask me, it’s pretty interesting, I hope you think so too.


  • Encourages focus and productivity through gamification.
  • Cute and visually appealing design.
  • Can be used with friends for accountability.


  • If you close the app during a study session, your progress is lost.
  • Limited features beyond the focus timer.

3. Evernote

Imagine notes but better. All the notes that we keep getting lost among all the other important stuff, wouldn’t a search bar help with that? Or you have an important test, on the respiratory system. It would be wonderful if I could add a reminder with the notes.

Evernote is a task management app in which you can perform various tasks. You can archive notes, create new one and you can also embede some photos, audio on it.

Evernote is best for notes making

The digestive system diagram that I had copied had the wrong labeling because I fell asleep and got saved. (I hope you don’t fall asleep in the class, though). I don’t want to re-draw the whole thing all over again, editable notes would be great. 

It is yet another best productivity apps for students. The features are:

  • Search bar
  • Reminders
  • To-do list
  • Sketch pad
  • Attachments that can be inserted
  • Scanning documents

You can also explore more blogs in our technology section and you will find various technical blogs. Similar to this guide, other blogs will help you in other tasks.

4. Quizlet: Best productivity apps for students

Exams are coming up and I would definitely appreciate some help. Quizlet will prepare you for it and help you out well.

Quizlet is best productivity apps for students
Quizlet is helpful in quizes, test for students

There are other amazing settings, them being:

  • Flashcards
  • Summaries of your lesson
  • Memory tracker
  • Help with your homework
  • Tests 
  • Problem solver

Do check this out if you are looking for help for your difficult studies.


  • Effective study tool with flashcards and summaries.
  • Helps with memory retention.
  • Wide range of subjects and user-generated content.

Cons of this best productivity apps for students:

  • Some features may require a paid subscription.
  • The quality of user-generated content can vary.

5. Microsoft OneNote

Notes! We need to keep all that segregated. But while keeping virtual notes it’s generally not like that. Different classes have different notes, and it becomes troublesome to manage. You can organize by creating separate sections for each subject.

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote helps creating various notes folder, arrange it in order and save.

Microsoft Onenote is one of the best productivity apps for students. It helps them be arranged and keeps them segregated in folders. The plus point is that you can insert images draw on it, add audio, etc. in your notes too. It’s simply a great way to store notes.

Accessing these files is easy too as it is stored in the cloud. So fly high and learn well.


  • Organizes notes into sections for different subjects.
  • Allows for multimedia-rich notes.
  • Cloud storage and easy access.


  • Integration with the Microsoft ecosystem may not suit everyone.
  • The learning curve for some users.

6. Milestone 

As the name suggests, it’s to keep up with your to-do list.

Being a good student is not that easy, learning subjects is not like licking the chocolate of the spoon.

Milestone app
On Milestone app, students can learn various subjects

Milestone is a learning app, where you get a set target and you can learn various subjects like physics, maths, Hindi, chemistry, biology, etc. Now enjoy your classes with quizzes and results.

Asking doubts has always terrified me, so ask your doubts here if you have any. Ask away and get ready for good marks. These are the reasons why I call it one of the best productivity apps for students.

Pros of this one of the best productivity apps for students:

  • Targets specific learning goals and subjects.
  • Offers quizzes and results tracking.
  • Encourages asking questions and seeking help.


  • Limited subjects are available.
  • May not be suitable for in-depth learning.

7. Grammarly  

The notes that you make while listening to the lecture must have a lot of errors. It would be way easier if the errors could magically set themselves so that you don’t have trouble when you need it for exam preparation. Wouldn’t it?

Students can learn and fix thier grammar issue in home works, task, etc

This app can help with that issue. Grammarly looks after every grammatical error as well as misspelled words. The poor, clumsy way of writing gets corrected. The suggestions are made for you to choose from.

Isn’t that just lovely? Just with our “fairy godmother grammar correcting application”, Grammarly there are going to be no spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, grammatical miscommunications, and just amazing writing.


  • Improves writing by correcting grammar and spelling errors.
  • Suggestions for better writing.
  • Useful for academic writing and exams.


  • Advanced features require a paid subscription.
  • May not catch all writing issues.

8. BackBlaze

OK!, now think about it. How many files are actually collected on your phone? For people engaged in virtual studies, doing online courses, All the pdf files, screen recordings of the lectures, screenshots of the important tables and formulas, etc., the amount of space these take up becomes an issue.

BackBlaze app
BackBlaze is helpful in backups files, folder or any other data

Here is BackBlaze for all those people. Stores images, videos, files, pdfs, you name it. And I haven’t even got to the best part of it, it’s unlimited. 

That caught your attention, didn’t it? All those files can be now saved in this app. Just don’t forget to name your files! And you get no files that go into the Bermuda Triangle. Backblaze is also one of the best productivity apps for students when it comes to file management.


  • Unlimited cloud storage for files and data.
  • Useful for students with large amounts of study materials.
  • Automatic backup and easy access.


  • May not be necessary for users with sufficient local storage.
  • Requires an internet connection for access.

9. Wolfram Alpha

We all have that one friend, who is the teacher of the group, they get a special kind of respect for solving problems that we have issues with. How would it be if you could carry that friend around in your pocket? I don’t think the person would actually fit, but there sure is an alternative. Guess what? Yes, we have the best productivity apps for students.

Wolfram Alpha
Wolfram Alpha is best app math and other problem solving

Wolfram Alpha is here to help us with problems with our courses. And yes before you ask, Maths too. I don’t know about you but maths has always been my weak link. Having step-by-step guidance to get the correct numbers is a dream for us. With this app that one dream would come true. 

Maths is just one subject I spoke here about. But you will find other subjects there too, like the whole science section and other common questions we get regarding our subjects.

Pros of using the best productivity apps for students:

  • Provides step-by-step solutions for various subjects, including math.
  • Useful for solving complex problems.
  • Comprehensive resource for students.


  • May not be a replacement for in-depth learning.
  • Limited support for certain niche subjects.

10. Cold Turkey

Exams coming up? Need to get away from all the distracting apps? Cold turkey here to rescue.

Cold turkey temporarily blocks all the annoying apps that distract you from studying. So no notification popup to get you away from your charming productive time. So till the time that you have set, you get to focus on your work.

Bonus point, the calls can be unblocked so you don’t get grinded by your mom for switching off ur phone while studying in the library.


  • Blocks distracting apps and notifications during study sessions.
  • Helps maintain focus and productivity.
  • Customizable settings for specific needs.

Cons of using this best productivity apps for students:

  • Can be circumvented if the user knows how to disable it.
  • Limited features beyond app blocking.

Final thoughts:

The focus one needs to put into being productive might not be problematic to some but for a few of us, it is a recruitment to get solid guidance. So, these are all the best productivity apps for students in recommendation I have for now. I hope this is as helpful to you as it has been to me.

I wish you the best for being productive and may you achieve what you have aimed for and beyond.

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