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Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: What Lies Ahead if Israel Starts Gaza Invasion?

israel evacuation order

Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: On Friday, Israel’s military gathered tanks for a possible ground attack and asked people in northern Gaza to move to the south within 24 hours. As of now total death toll of Palestinians mounts to 1,799+. The entire world hangs its breath as tensions increase close to the Gaza border when israel orders evacuation.

Imagine What will happen if Israel invades Gaza? The possibility of a ground invasion in this heavily populated area has created the conditions for a battle with significant ramifications outside of Gaza. It is crucial to consider all potential outcomes as Israeli forces swell and global anxiety rises.

Israel-Hamas War
Isreal order evacuation civilians from North Gaza, Source of Image: @The Times of Isreal

Israel’s Troop Buildup Near Gaza

There are fears of a potential ground invasion. As a result of Israel’s present buildup of its military close to the Gaza border. This action has prepared the ground for a pivotal battle with far-reaching repercussions. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to “crush and eliminate” Hamas, the militant organisation in control of Gaza.

Hamas Defies Evacuation Orders: Standoff in Northern Gaza

Hamas has urged Palestinians to stay in their homes as tensions rise, rejecting an Israeli military order that 1.1 million inhabitants in northern Gaza vacate and travel south for safety within 24 hours. Concerns have been raised by the UN regarding this unprecedent exodus. they have issued a dire warning about the “devastating humanitarian consequences.”

On the other hand, Israel has disregarded these worries. The international community has focused on this tense scenario as we wait to see what will happen if Israel does attack Gaza.

Israeli Military Activity: Tough Force at the Ready

Israel has called up 300,000 reservists for the first time, in addition to the 150,000 active military soldiers, in preparation for a future ground invasion of Gaza. This powerful force will be organised into three primary functions. The offensive force, the defence force, and the internal security force. These roles will be deployed separately from one another.

With columns of tanks pouring into the area, Israeli troops are also creating a military facility close to the Gaza Strip. Operation Protective Edge in 2014 marked the most recent incursion by Israeli forces into Gaza.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) chose to concentrate on the peripheries of major towns and seize border-area terrain during that operation rather than engaging in massive urban fighting. However, according to experts, Israel will have to deal with the unpleasant obstacles of urban combat this time.

Challenges for Israeli Troops in Gaza Invasion

Urban Warfare Realities

  • Street-to-Street Combat in Densely Populated Areas
  • Defending Against Booby Traps, Snipers, and Suicide Bombers
  • Countering Anti-Tank Weapons

Facing New Weapons and Tactics

  • The Arsenal of Hamas and Palestinian Militant Groups
  • Potential Threats from Rockets and Mortar Projectiles
  • Adapting to Evolving Strategies

Tackling Gaza’s Extensive Tunnel Network

  • The “Gaza Metro” and Its Significance
  • Dismantling Underground Tunnels
  • Impact on Israeli Ground Operations

Special Forces and Hostage Rescue Missions

  • Deployment of Elite Units
  • Balancing Ground Invasion with Rescue Operations
  • Managing the Risk of Hostage Situations

Minimizing Civilian Casualties

  • The Challenge of Targeting Hamas in a Dense Urban Landscape
  • International Scrutiny and Humanitarian Concerns
  • Strategies for Precision and Discrimination

Uncertain Aftermath and Regional Implications

  • Post-Invasion Scenarios for Gaza
  • The Regional Ripple Effect
  • Fears of Broader Regional Conflict

Possible Consequences

If Israel goes forward with a major operation, it might entail the use of elite special operations teams to rescue hostages while Hamas is preoccupied with a ground invasion. Heavy losses are anticipated, but the IDF is prepared to take them to protect its forces and regain deterrence.

Keeping civilian casualties to a minimum while attacking Hamas in Gaza is a major concern for Israel. Reoccupying the enclave by Israel does not now appear to be an option given the uncertainty surrounding the possible invasion’s aftermath.

This crisis has repercussions that go beyond Gaza and could have an impact on the rest of the area. Due to concerns that Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant organisation, might join the conflict in the event of a ground invasion, towns in northern Israel have been evacuated.

The United States has sent a carrier strike group to the region to prevent a further escalation in tensions after Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei threatened severe consequences if Israel continues its onslaught.

Final Thought

An imminent ground assault threatens Gaza, making the situation there unstable. This article has provided insight into the difficulties Israeli troops may encounter, as well as the possible results and regional repercussions of such a manoeuvre. The hope is for a peaceful end to this protracted conflict, which has led to much suffering for both Israelis and Palestinians and is being closely watched by the entire world. If you want more updates on global news, just click on our World Affairs section.  


Q. What is the war in Israel called?

It is popular to refer to the continuing hostilities between Israel and the Gaza Strip as the “Israel-Hamas War.” The Israeli military has ordered 1.1 million residents in northern Gaza to flee to the south as Israeli troops assemble along the border due to the combustible nature of the situation.

Q. Why Hamas is attacking Israel?

By attacking Israel, Hamas is demonstrating its importance and power as a violent group. Experts assert that Hamas’ goals extend beyond only freeing Palestinians from Israeli occupation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip blockade. Their goal is to attack Israel from the inside out.

Q. How many Israel soldiers died?

A. Both sides of the dispute have suffered greatly as a result. As per the Israeli military. over 2,700 people have been injured and 1,200 soldiers have died, and dozens more have been taken prisoner. Gaza’s health ministry estimates that over 1,200 people have already died and over 5,600 are injured.

Q. How many Palestinians support Hamas?

A. Understanding the dynamics of the current tensions between Israel and Hamas requires an understanding of the amount of Palestinian support for the organisation. According to recent surveys, 58% of the people in the Gaza Strip currently declare their support for Hamas.

Q. How many times has Israel fallen?

A. Several wars and conquests have characterized the history of Jerusalem. The city has suffered destruction twice, endured 23 sieges, faced 52 attacks, and changed hands 44 times throughout its long history.


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