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Can Donald Trump contest for president? Hush money trial found him guilty!

Donald Trump

Are you wondering whether Donald Trump can still run for president after being convicted in the hush-money case? The former president was convicted of fraudulently concealing a payment to a porn star. Raising concerns about his eligibility for the 2024 US Presidential race. Despite his conviction, Trump remains defiant, pledging to seek the Republican nomination and a return to the White House.

The legal fact is that a criminal past does not exclude someone from running for or serving as president under the US Constitution. However, Trump might face prison time or other fines. Which would pose huge logistical and political challenges in his effort to recover the presidency. As the 2024 campaign heats up, the consequences of Trump’s legal issues are certain to be a major topic.

Can Trump Run for President Despite His Conviction?

Despite being convicted of illegally covering up a hush money payment to a porn star, Donald Trump remains firmly entrenched in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

The determined candidate has vowed to pursue his campaign to retake the White House, even if he is sentenced to prison before the November 5th election. But how likely is it for Trump to flee from prison, and what impact may the conviction have on his election prospects? Trump also didn’t participate in the second republican debate before the presidential primary of 2024 in the USA.

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What Does the Legal Sectuation Look Like?

The constitution of the United States of America makes minimally legal standards of presidential candidature easier with a condition that the candidate must be at least 35 years of age, a natural-born citizen of the United States and has been a resident in the country for 14 years.

However, the most important point that has to be noticed is that the fact of a criminal conviction or prison sentence does not become a bar for a candidate in relation to not only running for the presidency but also in relation to holding the post of the president. Trump could technically take oath from prison if he wins against incumbent Democratic president Joe Biden in the coming November.

Moreover, such a situation in America is not quite incredible. Socialist candidate Eugene Debs ran for president in the 1920 election from a federal penitentiary because he was incarcerated for opposing the war against Mexico and World War I In jail, Debs could not be considered as having had any realistic chances of winning the presidency like Trump did.

What Are the Sentencing Possibilities?

This point raises the speculative issue of whether Trump will ever be going to prison since the judge has not even passed sentence. Notably, Trump might not have to serve his prison term due to the ALEC principles that state that first-time offenders of a non-violent crime do not receive prison sentences.

That is the current situation in New York where the case was held, and it is only a few first-time offenders who are convicted of a falsifying business records such as Trump that actually get a prison term. Whereas fines or probation are quite known forms of punishment. The penalty for Trump’s crime is 1 to 4 years imprisonment with the possibility of the court adding up to one and 1/3 of the sentence of imprisonment.

Still, other victims of similar car-jacking incidents receive fines and a prison term of a year or less. If fined beyond fines, Trump denies him some specific penalties in a typical cell, and he could instead be put on house arrest or a nightly curfew.

How Would Prison Logistics Work for Trump?

Should Trump be prosecuted and a judge decide that Trump actually deserves to go to prison, it would not be a simple task to imprison the former President. In this case, he will be provided with security for the remaining part of his lifetime as a former president – this security is provided by the Secret Service. 

This would mean that the Secret Service would have to be housed within the prison facilities permanently, a situation that has not been seen before and can end up overstressing the facilities or causing further security complications.

This is also true, given that Trump may be given bail for the appeal of his conviction and therefore continue to campaign while waiting for the ruling; this means that any imprisonment will be after the election.

What Are the Electoral Implications of the Conviction? 

Despite being considered the least impactful of the four ongoing criminal trials against Trump – hush money case, Stormy Daniels payments, stock manipulation, and fraudulent commerce – the guilty verdict could provide a notable influence on the 2024 elections.

In my opinion, the conviction may potentially lead to social backlash which can reduce Trump’s chances of securing independent and moderate Republican voters who might perceive the guilty verdict as a deal-breaker. Given in a nail-biting election fight where difference could be made between winners and vanquishers through tens of thousands of votes in several swing-states.

Trump’s die-hard fans remain unimpressed by the conviction mainly due to political demonstrations that seem to be happening more frequently with Trump’s opponents. This might protect Trump from other general electoral ramifications, or largely, result in obscurity within the Republican primaries. Though, Trump has won the republican primary 2024 of Hemisphere.


Despite the legal and practical challenges that Trump has faced or can face to run for president while in prison, it is difficult to predict the political consequences of a guilty verdict. In the end, the verdict hold depend on the number of voters within the few states, which the decision making affects, to change from one side to the other side or whether the existent appeal that Trump has among his supporters will create the verdict as a political joke.


Q. How Much Money Does Donald Trump Have?

A. Donald Trump’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be 770 crores USD.

Q. Who is the Real Owner of Trump Tower?

A. Trump Tower is managed by the Trump Organization, a company run by developer and former U.S. president Donald Trump. The hotel units are owned by the General Electric (GE) Pension Trust and Galbreath & Company, who partnered with Trump in the 1990s for its residential conversion.

Q. Who is America’s Most Loved President?

A. Abraham Lincoln is often regarded as America’s most loved president for his leadership during the Civil War and his role in abolishing slavery.

Can Donald Trump contest for president? Hush money trial found him guilty!

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