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Chandrayaan 3 launching Victory: Dawn of New India on the Moon

chandrayaan 3 launching

Good evening! One thousand & five hundred years after Brahmagupta discovered Gravity. One thousand years after Bhaskar invented Calculus, 500 years after Neelakantan conceived the Heliocentric Planetary Model. One hundred years after Chandrasekhar gave his Mass limit of a star and the 50 years later, India ventured further into space with the success of Chandrayaan 3 launching. We have realized our finest hour today.

It is the dawn of a new India in space, an India where every young Indian aspires to become a scientist to emulate the great heroes of our time. Just as cricket had its heroes, Vishwanathan Anand illuminated the chess world. ISRO has accomplished the same for astronomy and space sciences today.

Like the historic moon landing for the United States in 1969, this is the day we have all been waiting for. And now, half a century later, we have accomplished our pinnacle as a sucessful landing on the Moon’s South Pole.

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A Remarkable Achievement in Space Exploration

We’ve not only climbed back up and picked ourselves up after failing miserably at our last effort in Chandrayan 2 in 2019. But we’ve run ahead and accomplished an incredible feat. Following the failure of its predecessor in 2019. India’s ambitious lunar exploration program has its newest mission, Chandrayaan 3, to make history by successfully landing on the moon.

A Historic Landing on the Moon: chandrayaan 3 launch time

The chandrayaan 3 launch time was at 5:34 am PT (6:04 pm IST) on a Wednesday, Chandrayaan’s third mission made landfall on the moon. With this accomplishment, India joined the United States, China, and the erstwhile Soviet Union as the only countries in the world to have completed a soft landing on the moon.

India was the first nation to step foot on the lunar south pole, an area still mostly uncharted but holds great potential for learning more about the moon’s atmosphere. Providing a springboard for future space exploration missions, which distinguishes this accomplishment.

A Collective Effort of Scientific Excellence

During the post-landing address, ISRO chairman S. Somanath declared, “Chandrayaan 3 is the result of the tireless efforts of thousands of scientists, engineers, staff, and industries across ISRO and other institutions.” The achievement is evidence of the cooperative attitude that propels India’s space exploration program.

Chandrayaan-3 Project Director

Originating in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, P. Veeramuthuvel is the highly skilled chandrayaan 3 project director. Veeramuthuvel had a solid educational background, having completed his primary education at the Villupuram Railway School before attending a prominent private polytechnic college to earn a diploma in mechanical engineering.

Building on this groundwork, he continued his education, earning his PhD at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Veeramuthuvel led the Chandrayaan 3 project before taking on the Deputy chandrayaan 3 project director role at ISRO, where he substantially contributed to the organization’s activities.

While working under his direction, his team was instrumental in carrying out the intricate orbit-raising and lowering operations essential to Chandrayaan 3’s accomplishment.

Overcoming Challenges and Innovating for Success

On July 14, Chandrayaan 3 was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, marking the start of its trip. The mission aimed to show safe landings and the moon’s surface exploration while carrying out on-location science investigations. 

The lander of Chandrayaan 3 was outfitted with enhanced sensors, software, and propulsion systems. Having learned from the shortcomings of its predecessor. Extensive modeling and testing were performed to improve the lander’s resilience, guaranteeing a successful touchdown this time.

Scientific Discoveries Await

The goals of Chandrayaan 3 science are as varied as they are fascinating. The lander will research lunar temperature, thermal conductivity, elemental composition, near-surface plasma, seismic vibrations, and Earth’s spectral fingerprints.

chandrayaan 3 information
ISRO: Details of Chandrayan 3 mission

The information gathered from these experiments is anticipated to contribute to our knowledge of lunar geology substantially. Its possible consequences for upcoming lunar exploration missions.

A New Era in Space Exploration

The accomplishment of Chandrayaan 3 is of great importance as the world prepares for a new age of lunar exploration. India’s results from this mission will provide vital insights into the surface conditions and aid in preparations for human missions. Particularly as the U.S. gets ready for the Artemis III crew mission to the lunar south pole.

Unity in Achieving Extraordinary Feats

“Our approach of one Earth, one family, one future is resonating across the globe,” noted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi accurately. The entire human race is entitled to this success.” The triumph of Chandrayaan 3 demonstrates human perseverance and teamwork. Illustrating the shared desire for advancement in science around the globe.

Beyond Chandrayaan 3 launching: A Bright Future Beckons

Chandrayaan 3’s triumph is cause for celebration, but ISRO’s future is still bright thanks to projects like Gaganyaan. India’s long-awaited human-crewed space mission and the solar observatory project Aditya L1 aim to study the sun.

In addition, India’s expanding space-tech startup scene and partnership with NASA point to a booming space industry and ongoing progress in space research.

Chandrayaan 3 launching: Inspiring a New Generation

The successful landing of Chandrayaan 3 is a source of pride for India and an example for future generations. Today’s ISRO scientists are lighting the way for future space exploration. Just as the past pioneers cleared the road for us. This accomplishment is more evidence that human potential is infinite and that as we gaze up at the moon. We should also look forward to the countless opportunities ahead for us among the stars.

Chandrayaan 3 launching Victory: Dawn of New India on the Moon

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Chandrayaan 3 launching Victory: Dawn of New India on the Moon

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