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Indian Farmers Protest Live: Internet Suspended in 7 Districts

Indian Farmers Protest

Are you aware of the Indian farmers protest? Tensions have reached their climax, and the situation has been peaking with internet cancellations in 7 Haryana districts. The headline is an uproar of mounting unrest with the farmers up for a defiant march to Delhi to take on the heavy security measures and barricades. The farmers protest demands are escalating, and the cause of such a critical situation in the nation was this confrontation.

Could Farmers Aggravate the Tensions by Marching

The Indian farmers protest, which emerged against the agricultural policies of the GOI, has increased, with authorities blocking internet services till Friday in seven districts of Haryana. This created a flow where hundreds of farmers had just begun to renew their ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest, braving heavy security deployment and barricades along the border. The government tightened its grip on the future, by blocking the path that led to free choice.

The farmers’ leaders from Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh have assured to sustain their agitation inclusive of a provision of a legal guarantee of MSP and long-standing demands. After 4 rounds of meetings with Union Ministers, the farmers failed to find any middle ground that could end the dispute. In the event that their demands were not met by February 21, the farmers threatened to restart their movement.

12 Demands of Farmers Protest 2024
The 12 Demands of Farmers Protest has put before GOI. Source: Internet

What is msp for farmers?

MSP, which means the lowest price of support for crops bought by the government from farmers, is MSP. It is a safety net through which the farmers must be paid according to the fair price and prevent them from market fluctuations. The indian farmers protest is calling for MSP fixation that should be at least 50% higher than the cost of production for any crop.

12 Demands of Farmers Protest 2024

Here are the 12 key farmers protest demands:

  • Legal assurances for the Minimum Support Price (MSP)
  • Farm loan waivers
  • Reversing measures that damage farmers’ interests
  • Stopping planned privatization of the electrical sector
  • Compensation for farmers killed during the 2020-2021 demonstrations.
  • Removal of a state minister whose son was accused of running over farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri
  • Implementing the BJP 2021 promises
  • Appointing Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh representatives to the government’s farming committee
  • Addressing financial concerns resulting from crop failures and the impact of climate change on agriculture
  • Five-year guarantee on procurement of pulses, maize, and cotton at MSP
  • Withdrawal of three controversial farm legislation
  • Preventing the implementation of comparable laws through the backdoor in BJP-led states

Though most of their demands do not seem to be practical, GOI is trying hard to find a middle path. In the heightened situation, the authorities had estimated that the tally of people.  Along with 300 cars, 2000 trolleys, 10 mini-buses, and small vehicles, is close to 14,000 people, with an additional suspension of internet services in 7 districts of Haryana.

Why has the Internet Been Suspended in 7 Districts?

With tensions peaking, the government has reckoned that there will be nearly 14,000 people, in addition to 1,2 hundred tractor trolleys, 300 motors,10 minibuses, and other small-size vehicles that could have amassed across the Punjab-Haryana border.

Such numbers mean that internet services are suspended in 7 districts of Haryana. The center has criticized the Punjab government for facilitating a failure of regulation and order, as heavy security forces have been sent to exercise the law and prevent violent demonstrations during the agitation of the indian farmers protest to Delhi.

Indian Farmers Protest Determined to March on Delhi

The authorities and various online service providers like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram cracked down on the demonstrators. Giving suspension to net users’ ability to participate or view online material has not stopped the protesters. The government is accusing that its voilation freedom of protest. Farmer leaders vow to do their protest until the farmers protest demands are satisfied.

What are the concerns with the Indian Farmers Protest?

The indian farmers protest is going to launch again soon. The only moral questions to ask now are about ability unrest and fights with security forces. The two raised their boots, raising prices, thus heightening the danger of long standoffs that could reject the surroundings and affect the whole agricultural sector.

What Does It Mean for the Protest’s Future?

Negotiations between the Indian farmers protest, and authorities failed to yield any result, which made things even more difficult and uncertain. However, without a tangible outcome from the dialogue, the Indian farmers’ protest will escalate further, and most probably, the good connections between the government and the overall agricultural system.

Wrap Up

The Indian farmers protest remains a hot issue, as the recent terminal of internet services illustrated that the market situation requires more attention. With the government crackdown in progress and the stalemate in the negotiations, the country has its breath held in suspense, elated in expectation of the violent uprisings to come. Even with farmers’ toughness, the authorities may sustain a long and unpredictable standoff that may compromise peace. Stay tuned with us and get more news update on Global newswala.

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