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Inter Miami vs Charlotte: Intense 4-0 Quarterfinal Due

inter miami vs charlotte

The Leagues Cup quarterfinal match between inter miami vs charlotte fc was an exciting match that set the stage for an electric football spectacle.


  • Leagues Cup quarterfinal match between Inter Miami and Charlotte FC was highly anticipated and set the stage for an exciting football spectacle.
  • Focus on players’ performances, especially Lionel Messi, whose impact brought newfound energy to Inter Miami’s game.
  • Inter Miami Starting Lineup: Messi, Busquets, Alba, Josef Martinez, Robert Taylor, Campana, Yedlin.
  • Messi’s goal in the 86th minute was pivotal, securing a 4-0 victory for Inter Miami against Charlotte FC.
  • Football fans were treated to an exciting matchup that showcased the skills of both clubs.

All eyes were on the players’ performances as the two sides revealed their tactical lineups and engaged in a fight on the pitch, especially Lionel Messi’s, whose impact has given Inter Miami’s game newfound zest.

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inter miami vs charlotte fc lineups

A collision of skills and tactics resulted from the much-awaited Leagues Cup quarterfinal for inter miami vs charlotte tickets. The significance of the game was reflected in the starting lineups for both teams:

inter miami vs charlotte fc lineups
inter miami vs charlotte

Inter Miami Starting Lineup

  • Lionel Messi (Forward)
  • Sergio Busquets (Midfield)
  • Jordi Alba (Defender)
  • Josef Martinez (Forward)
  • Robert Taylor (Midfield)
  • Leonard Campana (Forward)
  • DeAndre Yedlin (Defender)

Charlotte FC Starting Lineup

inter miami vs charlotte fc matches: inter miami vs charlotte tickets

Time Event
12th minute Josef Martinez scores on a penalty kick
32nd minute Robert Taylor scores for Inter Miami
70th minute Messi’s shot was blocked by Adilson Malanda
78th minute Adilson Malanda scores own goal
86th minute Lionel Messi scores the fourth goal

Did Messi score for Inter Miami?

Lionel Messi’s pivotal goal for Inter Miami in the 86th minute was the game’s high point. Inter Miami defeated Charlotte FC 4-0 as a result of his left-footed shot finding the back of the net. The team’s play has clearly taken on a new dimension as a result of Messi’s participation, and fans have eagerly anticipated this moment.

How many goals did Messi scored in Inter Miami?

Since joining Inter Miami, Lionel Messi has scored eight goals, including one against Charlotte FC. Messi’s scoring skill has substantially aided the team’s victories in just five games, improving their on-field performance.

Who is man of the match Inter: Inter Miami vs Charlotte?

While Lionel Messi’s game-winning goal was a highlight of the game, Inter Miami’s remarkable victory was the result of a team effort. Josef Martinez, Robert Taylor, and the defensive lineup all had major contributions to make in sealing the 4-0 victory. Due to the outstanding overall performance of the squad, determining the precise “Man of the Match” may be difficult.

Messi’s Impact and Inter Miami’s Prospects

The team’s excitement and intensity have increased after Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami. Inter Miami’s chances of winning the Leagues Cup and making the MLS playoffs appear to be improving thanks to Messi’s evident talent and propensity for scoring important goals. Inter Miami has the ability to have a huge impact on the competition, despite its current ranking in the league standings, as seen by the team’s victory over inter miami vs charlotte fc matches.

Looking Ahead: Inter Miami’s Next Matches

On August 16, inter miami vs charlotte fc matches will face the Philadelphia Union in the Leagues Cup semifinal. The group’s progress in the competition will be determined by how well they play in this crucial game. Inter Miami will also have another chance to show off their abilities and aspirations when they play FC Cincinnati in the U.S. Open Cup quarterfinal on August 23.


Football fans were treated to an exciting matchup between Inter Miami and Charlotte FC that highlighted the skills of both clubs. With his goal in the 86th minute, Lionel Messi furthered his influence on Inter Miami’s play and provided another level of excitement to the game. Fans anxiously anticipate more spellbinding performances from the internationally recognised superstar as the club advances in the Leagues Cup and other competitions.

Inter Miami vs Charlotte:  Intense 4-0 Quarterfinal Due

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