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Ruby Franke: From YouTube Stardom to Shocking Arrest

Ruby Franke

Is Ruby Franke, a mother of six from Utah and a former figurehead in the realm of family vlogging on YouTube, now entangled in a legal and political minefield?

Alongside her husband Kevin Franke. she created the viral video “8 Passengers.” Their channel boasted a respectable 2.5 million followers. once chronicled the daily activities and travels of the Franke family.

However, an increasing wave of complaints and accusations was brewing beneath the surface of the happy family content. Ruby’s parenting decisions came under intense examination. Which prompted charges of child abuse and neglect. This resulted in an unexpected 8 passengers arrested case that shocked the online community and left viewers speechless.

We delve into Franke’s tumultuous life story, uncovering her controversies, ascent to fame, and the dramatic 8 passengers arrested that leave many questioning the truth beneath the internet’s facade.

Who is Ruby Franke?

Ruby Franke
Ruby Franke arrest

Ruby Franke, a mother of six from Utah, was formerly well-known in the YouTube community for family vlogging. She was the main force behind the “8 Passengers” YouTube channel. which amassed millions of views and followers. Her husband is Kevin Franke. Franke’s ascent to stardom, though. was overshadowed by debate and disapproval over her parenting strategies.

The Controversial Journey

As Ruby’s YouTube channel grew in popularity, she came under increasing criticism for her parenting style. This criticism grew when she co-founded “ConneXions,” a parenting guidance and support program that some internet critics referred to as a “cult.”

The Frankes’ parenting philosophy was criticised by many viewers as being overly strict and extreme. Furthermore, the inclusion of remarks regarded to be racist, homophobic, and transphobic in their content significantly diminished their appeal.

Ruby stirred controversy by stating, “Children don’t deserve unconditional love.” Her divisive opinion triggered a growing backlash against the family’s vlogging content.

What is 8 Passengers?

In 2015, to document the lives of Ruby and Kevin Franke and their six children, Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve, they launched a YouTube channel named “8-Passengers.” The channel achieved its zenith, amassing an impressive 2.5 million subscribers. Establishing itself as one of the most renowned family video channels on the platform.

Nevertheless, the channel’s existence was dogged by controversy and criticism, especially in its last years. Viewers started circulating petitions and informing local authorities of possible instances of child abuse and neglect. 

The most notorious instances included Franke refusing to feed her 6-year-old daughter. Making her son sleep on a beanbag after he played pranks on his siblings. and using the withholding of Christmas as a punishment for one of her young children.

Ruby Franke was frequently depicted threatening viewers with food deprivation and employing other harsh punishment techniques. Activists used the family vlogging channel “8 Passengers” as an illustration of how it exposed kids to exploitation. In response to these worries. Illinois passed a law that provides protections for children who appear on their parents’ for-profit social media accounts.

Why Was Ruby Franke Arrested?

In Springville, Utah, there was a frightening occurrence that led to Franke’s imprisonment. Around 10:50 a.m., a youngster was found in front of Jodi Hildebrandt’s home, Franke’s business partner.

The youngster went up to a neighbour to ask for food and water. The shocking discovery that the child’s wrists and ankles were taped up by the neighbour prompted them to call the police. When the authorities arrived, they discovered the youngster to be very underweight and emaciated with open wounds. The youngster was taken right away to the hospital.

The authorities conducted a subsequent search of the home and found a second youngster who exhibited similar signs of being underweight and injuries, mirroring those observed in the first child. The crucial evidence that Ruby Franke was aware of the children’s horrific conditions was her recent recording at the residence just days before the arrests.


Ruby was consequently 8 passengers arrested on suspicion of severe child abuse. Franke is now being detained at the Washington County Jail without being given a bond. Franke’s eldest daughter, Shari, said after 8 passengers arrested that her family had been attempting to notify the police about the issue for years and she was relieved that justice was finally being done.

To gather evidence for the case, Shari urged anyone having links to or recordings of “questionable or concerning” films from “8-Passengers” or “ConneXions” to post them on a Google doc.


Q. How old is Ruby Franke from 8 Passengers?

Ruby Franke is 41 years old as of today i.e., 09/01/2023.

Q. What has happened with 8 Passengers?

Popular YouTube channel 8-Passengers chronicled the Franke family’s existence. Controversy ensued due to allegations of child abuse and neglect stemming from their parenting decisions. Ultimately leading to its removal from YouTube.

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