Republican Rivals Slam Trump for Absence

With Donald Trump missing the second Republican debate.

DeSantis Calls Out Trump

Ron DeSantis criticizes Trump for skipping debates, says Trump owes it to voters to participate.

Christie's Direct Message to Trump

Chris Christie directly addresses Trump: 'No one’s going to call you Donald Trump anymore. They're going to call you Donald Duck

Christie's Call to Action

Christie urges Trump to be 'voted off the island' and out of the election process.

Trump's Dominance Remains Unchallenged

Trump maintains a commanding lead over DeSantis in the polls, over 40 percentage points ahead.

Credit: Yahoo! News

DeSantis and Haley's Political Maneuvering

DeSantis maneuvers to the right on abortion, while Haley takes aim at multiple candidates and policies.

Haley's Confrontation with Ramaswamy

Haley confronts Vivek Ramaswamy: 'Every time I hear you, I feel a little bit dumber.

 The Bigger Picture

Trump plans to focus on a 2020 rematch with Biden, while other issues dominate the political scene.