Ahsoka episode 7:  Getting the Gang Back Together

Unveiling the Dreams and Madness

– "Dreams and Madness" is a setup episode for the big finale. – Ahsoka Tano confronts Grand Admiral Thrawn at Peridea. – Episode 7 is about reuniting the team for the climactic showdown.

Saving the Best for Last

- The episode follows the tradition of setting the stage for a big finish. - Thrawn is a master of figurative chess-playing.

Keeping Us in Suspense!

- Baylan Skoll's scheme, Sabine's secrets, the Great Mothers, and Thrawn's cargo. - Patience is key as we await answers.

C-3PO to the Rescue

- Hera is saved by C-3PO, representing Princess Leia Organa. - Leia's support for Hera's mission is crucial.

Ahsoka's Journey

Ahsoka reflects on Anakin as a good master.