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Charles Martinet: From Mario’s Voice to Ambassador

Charles Martinet

The popular video game character Mario has been embodied by Charles Martinet voice for many years. His colourful representation has made an imprint on the gaming industry that will never be forgotten, from upbeat catchphrases to moving escapades.

However, as Martinet steps down from providing Mario’s voice, the question of who will step in to carry on this adored character’s legacy arises. The gaming industry hangs its breath as it waits to see if Mario’s voice will enter a new age.

how long has charles martinet voice mario?

Martinet’s journey as the voice of super mario began in 1990 when he auditioned for the role. His distinctive and lively portrayal of the character caught the attention of Nintendo. Earning him the part that would define his career.

Martinet’s first appearance as super mario was in the arcade game “Mario’s FUNdamentals,” and he continued to lend his voice to the character in numerous titles, most notably in 1996’s groundbreaking super mario the movie “Super Mario 64,” which propelled both the game and Martinet’s career to new heights.

How Old Is Charles Martinet?

As of his transition away from voicing super mario in 2023, Martinet is 67 years old. Born on September 17, 1955, Martinet’s dedication to the role of Mario has spanned over three decades, during which he has become an integral part of the gaming community and a beloved figure among fans.

who does charles martinet voice in mario?

Martinet’s vocal talents extended beyond just super mario. He brought life to an array of characters in the Nintendo universe, including Wario, Luigi, Waluigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi. His versatile performances allowed players to engage with a multitude of beloved characters, each with its unique charm and personality.

Will Charles Martinet Still Voice Mario?

The news of Martinet’s departure from the role of super mario came as a surprise to many fans who had grown accustomed to his spirited portrayal of the character.

Martinet would no longer be portraying Mario in subsequent games, but according to Nintendo, he would still be involved with the Mario trademark in a new role as a Mario Ambassador. This modification demonstrates Martinet’s desire to continue, albeit in a different capacity, bringing Mario’s delight to fans all around the world.

Why did Charles Martinet not voicing Mario?

The exact reasons behind Charles Martinet decision to step back from voicing Mario have not been explicitly stated. However, transitions like these are not uncommon in the entertainment industry.

Martinet’s role as Mario in future games would cease, yet Nintendo indicated that he would remain engaged with the Mario franchise in a fresh capacity as a “Mario Ambassador.” This shift demonstrates Martinet’s determination to continue his involvement, albeit in a different role, to share the exuberance of Mario with fans across the globe.

Who is replacing Charles Martinet?

Who will replace Charles as the voice of Mario and the other characters is a common concern among fans? The decision by Nintendo to withhold this information makes players excited to play the next games to hear the new voices through the credits.

The gaming community will probably have conflicting feelings about this transition. Because players will inevitably compare any new portrayal of these enduring characters to Martinet’s outstanding performances.

The super mario bro movie: Nostalgia in a New Era

A new chapter for the adored character in “The Super Mario Bro movie” begins. When Charles Martinet says goodbye to his legendary performance as Mario’s voice. The movie’s transition from the theatre to streaming signals a change in how fans interact with the Mario universe.

Martinet’s departure marks the end of an era, but the super mario bro movie availability on services. Peacock enables spectators to maintain their relationship with Mario in a novel and participatory way.

Martinet’s long-running portrayal is echoed in “The Super Mario Bro Movie,” which takes viewers on a lively voyage. The film captures the essence of the character he created through animation and plot.


A historic period of video games comes to an end with Martinet’s decision to stop voicing Mario. His commitment, passion, and clear voice have profoundly impacted young and elderly players alike. Which has changed how we interact with the video game industry.

While there may be a tinge of sadness among fans at the thought of a different voice voicing Mario’s catchphrases. It’s crucial to recognise Martinet’s accomplishments and the happiness he offered to many players all over the world.

Charles Martinet: From Mario’s Voice to Ambassador

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Charles Martinet: From Mario’s Voice to Ambassador

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